World first: BODYGUARD,- good Shape - good health

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Rudolf Weyergans


World first: BODYGUARD,- good Shape - good health

A good figure and a good health belong together. Especially the connective tissue is important. A weak connective tissue causes a dysfunktion of the physiologica muscle pump, insufficiant lymph flow, cellulite, spieder veins and more.

Bodyguard is the wolrds first innovative technology to firm and to refirm the Collagene fibres. A patented combination of plasma and color therapy. Easy to use, effective, measurable and profitable.

Learn more about this subject and join the international webinar together with colleagues from more than 50 countries. The seminar will be held in English. The presenter will be Rudolf Weyergans himself.

As a sign of solidarity during the current crisis, this webinar is for free.

Please note that the upcoming webinar ist only taking place from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CET). After the official part you are able to ask all your questions in a live chat with Rudolf Weyergans.

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