UEG Webinar: “What’s new in FMT?”

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Your chance to learn from and to quiz top experts in the field!

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Expert: Georgina Hold  

Georgina Hold is a Professor of Gut Health at the Microbiome Research Centre, UNSW in Sydney, Australia, and a leading authority on emerging Campylobacter and their role in intestinal disease. She is the current President of the European Helicobacter Microbiota Study Group (EHMSG) and a member of the UEG Education Committee.

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Expert: Josbert Keller

Josbert Keller is a Gastroenterologist at the Haaglanden Medical Center in The Hague, the Netherlands, and co-founder of the Netherlands Donor Feces Bank (NDFB), a non-profit stool bank. He is a member of the EHMSG.

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Moderator: Imran Aslam

Imran Aslam  is a Locum Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the NHS Trust in North Bristol, UK, with a passion for innovation in colorectal surgery and medical education. He is a member of the UEG Education Committee.

"What’s new in FMT?”Join the UEG Webinar to learn more

What will you learn from the webinar

- Who is FMT for? – Lear the indications

- How is FMT performed? – Discover the currently used protocols

- Is FMT safe? – Understand what safety measures are required

Who is this webinar for?

- Gastroenterologists and gastroenterology trainees

- Infectious disease specialists

- Microbiologists

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