Webinar #03: Bridging the gap between understanding and climate action

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Expert Speakers and CLIMATE 2020 Facilitators

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Martha Molfetas

Impact Human 

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Amaury Parelle

Climate Chance

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Antoine Gillod

Climate Chance

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Franziska Wolf

CLIMATE 2020 / Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


This webinar seeks to motivate you to support the global transformation needed to enter a more sustainable development pathway. "We believe stories have the power to change perspectives and inspire action, that stories can bridge the gap between understanding and action," claims our first presenter Ms Martha Molfetas, representing Impact Human, will show by means of practical examples how storytelling can be used as a vehicle for both awareness and action through empathy building. The second speaker, Mr. Amaury Parelle, representing Climate Chance, will highlight the necessity to gather the best practices of climate actions implemented by companies, local governments, and civil society in order to provide a storyline of the transition behind the evolution of climate and emissions data.

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