Threats to video IT security from the planner's point of view

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Rudolf Rohr

CEO barox Communication

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Chris Blake

Technical Director CVT

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Sarah Moss

Commercial Director CVT


Threats to video IT security from the planner's point of view

The view of video network security has changed in the recent past. The installations were for a long time isolated systems based on proprietary technologies without any networking with external systems. Networking with the Internet or existing office communication networks was not considered or was not feasible due to technological barriers.

Due to the increased use of software and protocols from IT as well as the increasing networking with cloud solutions, as well as maintenance accesses, video networks are exposed to the same threats as is already the case in classic office IT.


- What needs to be protected

- How to protect

- Which parameters influence the cyber security of video networks (human and process factors, ISO27001)

- How to build a protective video IP network (certificates, ACL access control list…)

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