The physiology and pathology of Cellulite.

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Rudolf Weyergans


The physiology and pathology of Cellulite.

Come with us on a virtual journey under the skin. Get to know the Cellulite Syndrome and the difference to local adipositas. What is the role of the connective tissue and the pyhsiological muscle pump? We will also have a look at the related leg diseases like spider veins (teleangiectasis) and varicose veins. This seminar is a must-know for every professional esthetician who wants to (educate himself more about) (relate more to) medical beauty and medical wellness.

The seminar will be held in English. The presenter will be Rudolf Weyergans himself.

As a sign of solidarity during the current crisis, this webinar is for free.

Please note that the upcoming webinar ist only taking place from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM. After the official part you are able to ask all your questions in a live chat with Rudolf Weyergans.

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