The Future ICE Test Cell

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Dr. Javier Gomez

Global Application Manager Engine Test


Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) face big challenges due to legislation changes and the rapid progress in electrification.

To remain competitive in the coming years, ICEs need to be improved in terms to efficiency and reduction of pollutants, while at the same time more flexibility is required in respect to new powertrain configurations and the combination with renewable fuels. Besides that, the industry needs to develop the new powertrains (FCEV, BEV, PHEV, …), with limited resources and infrastructures. Therefore, adapting existing ICE test cells and preparing them for testing new powertrain configurations is of utmost importance.

With our expertise in ICE test fields, electrification and FCEVs HORIBA offers solutions to support customers to face all these challenges. This webinar shows the future of ICE test cells and the various challenges and opportunities technological changes will bring. Be prepared for the future ahead with HORIBA as your trusted partner in measurement and test solutions.

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