The first universal sustainability certification scheme
for the mining sector and beyond

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Dr. Andreas Hucke

CERA Programme Director
Head of Sustainability

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Nadine Kohl

CERA Scheme Development
Strategic Project Development

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Lukas Förster

Risk Assessment Apecialist of the Raw Material Life Cycle

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Knut Hirsch

CERA Public Relations
Head of Communications

The First Universal Sustainability Certification Scheme
for the Mining Sector and Beyond.

Has your smartphone seen more of the world than you have? What does a car have in common with conflict minerals? Have you ever thought about working conditions in the DRC?

The products and materials that shape our everyday lives conceal a hidden story, covering thousands of miles, dozens of countries and numerous processes along a global value chain. So how can manufacturers, financial institutions and consumers be certain that working conditions, environment and human rights have not been exploited along this winding journey of raw materials and their derivates?

CERA is the world’s first certification scheme to universalise and standardise the evaluation of social, environmental and ethical practices across the raw materials value chain, enabling traceability of sustainability of a product from mineral exploration to finished product.

Join Dr Andreas Hucke (CERA Programme Director) get the answers and to explore the raw materials value chain and how the CERA 4in1 certification scheme is building a new standard to evaluate, trace, audit and certify the environmental, social and governance practices on which the modern world is built.

CERA is partly funded by the EIT RawMaterials, a body of the European Union , under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

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