Smart LiDAR Calibration Without Physical Targets

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André Engelbert

Application Manager CAV 

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Dr. Jan Poppe

R&D Engineer


Autonomous driving is one of the biggest technological challenges the automotive industry is currently facing. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) systems rely on various sensors such as LiDAR.

Testing, homologation and technical inspections are difficult, but of utmost importance to succeed in this new field of technology. To support the Left-Shift in the development V cycle, the transfer of testing of ADAS and AD scenarios from road to rig is essential to serve the demand for increased reproducibility, cost savings and reduction of time to market. To increase functional robustness and safety an increasing number of environmental sensors is de regueur. Because of the importance of these sensors for safety and security it is necessary to test those on different stages according to state-of-the-art development processes.

This webinar demonstrates how HORIBA's laboratory-based test solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles enable the calibration of LiDAR sensors without the need of physical test objects.  

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