Requirement Driven HW Design and Verification

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Yehoshua Shoshan, Innofour BV

Yehoshua has 30 years’ experience in ASIC/FPGA design and verification. As area manager for InnoFour Scandinavia he is keen to bring high end design solutions capabilities to his customers.


In this webinar Yehoshua Shoshan will explain the concept of web based RM and will demonstrate low level integration of HW design verification with Polarion ALM.

Requirement driven HW design and verification enable efficient design and verification process through focusing on:

What is needed? (System requirements)

What should be done? (Requirements implementation)

Does it work? (System verification)

Using web based requirement management (RM) platform like Polarion ALM for requirement driven HW design makes:

Easy collaboration over designs disciplines, organization and geographical boundaries.

Meticulous traceability of all aspects of specification, implementation and verification data of the design

Easy reuse of work packages.

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