Progressing Cavity Pumps for Applications with low NPSHa

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Ulrich Eibl

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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Marius Schaub

SPA Moderator

April 14, 2021 Van Nguyen

Very good presentation and contain useful knowledges.

July 7, 2021 Alberto Liceaga

It was useful to understand this specific application

October 20, 2021 Rico Gonser

Kurz, präzise, verständlich


Applications with a low NPSHa put high demands on the pumping system being used. By the example of a progressing cavity pump, Ulrich Eibl will show you the advantages of using this pumping principle. He will shed some light on the general design of progressing cavity pumps and where they have been used successfully in applications with low NPSHa in this webinar.

Engineers frequently face issues in plant design when liquids close to the vapor pressure need to be pumped; this is especially in the oil industry often the case. It leads to difficulties in pump selection where a minimum margin between NPSHr and NPSHa needs to be kept. Even today, progressing cavity pumps and other rotating positive displacement pumps are often only considered for high viscous fluids. Most engineers are not aware of the benefits of a progressing cavity pump as an alternative. But they provide superior performance in applications with poor inlet conditions. Progressing cavity pumps frequently have also even lower initial investment costs and offer many more other operational advantages.

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