Organometallics in flow: From research results to applications

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Fraunhofer IMM

In the Business Unit CHEMISTRY, we focus on improving chemical production processes in terms of product properties, efficiency, sustainability and safety.

We develop, design and manufacture milli- and microstructured flow reactors and mixers from laboratory to industrial scale, which are optimally adapted to the respective process or application.

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Dr. Gabriele Menges-Flanagan


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Dr. Patrick Löb


Organometallics in flow: From research results to applications

Zinc organometallic and Grignard reagents are one of the most effective means of creating chemical bonds between carbon atoms. Grignard reactions play a particularly important role in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. In the synthesis of the top 50 active pharmaceutical ingredients, one or more Grignard reactions are found in about ten percent of the synthesis routes.

The goal of the applied research at Fraunhofer IMM is to supply and process reactive intermediates flexibly, resource-efficiently and on a scale that enables chemical and pharmaceutical production. Fraunhofer IMM in Mainz develops microreactors that generate reactive intermediates such as Grignard reagents in-situ under continuous process control. These reactors are scalable and flexible. With them, Grignard reactions are faster and safer and the products generated are purer.

In this webinar, we will present relevant research results and show Fraunhofer IMM’s technology ready to be implemented in an industrial environment to flexibly and continuously process organometallic reagents so our partners can benefit from our experience in application-oriented research and development in the field of reactive intermediates.

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