New Test Bench Concepts for Electrified Mobility

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Dirk Kaffenberger

Product Manager Chassis Dyno


The mobility industry is rapidly changing. We’re seeing an increased demand for alternative propulsion concepts, but this market shift comes with challenges, especially with respect to test concepts. Establishing new testing facilities and upgrading existing ones play a vital role in keeping pace with advancements in mobility.

Future-proof test bench concepts require optimized efficiency when it comes to energy management. High-performance ranges and torque distribution on chassis dynamometers, as well as the reduction of energy losses, contribute to this demand. Additionally, in test cycles, integrated charging procedures and a sophisticated test automation are of utmost importance for reproducible and reliable results.

This webinar provides insights on how HORIBA’s solutions for electrified mobility establish new testing concepts for improved efficiency, including charging concepts and an adapted torque and power range in chassis dynamometers for electric vehicles.

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