Methanol as a sustainable hydrogen carrier

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Fraunhofer IMM

In the Business Unit ENERGY we deal with current and future issues concerning the mobile and decentralized provision and storage of electrical energy with a stronger focus on sustainable energy sources. Our activities are directly related to the Fraunhofer Strategic Research Field HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGIES, promote the decarbonization of industry and increasingly aim at CO2 neutrality in processes.

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Dr. Gunther Kolb


Methanol as a sustainable hydrogen carrier

Hydrogen is currently the subject of much discussion, especially in connection with mobility. For many portable and mobile applications, methanol is a viable alternative to compressed hydrogen owing to its higher power density and easy transportation. Methanol can be produced from renewable sources, but also from carbon dioxide from industrial processes such as cement fabrication or even from the atmosphere.

With methanol reformers, methanol, can be converted back into hydrogen through the addition of steam – right where the hydrogen is needed. But some challenges remain with conventional reformers - such as catalyst attrition and thermal management.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the methanol reformers developed at Fraunhofer IMM for many portable and mobile applications. Reactors we develop for mobile applications are highly compact and achieve very good heat integration and high system efficiency due to the superior thermal management optimized by our development team.

As an institution for applied research and development, we prepare proof-of-concept studies for our customers, consult them in the implementation, develop prototypes and support our industrial partners with the implementation of the technology on industrial scale.

The presentations will be held in English.

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