Hydrogen Electrolyzer for a Carbon-Neutral Society

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Alexander Paetz

Sales Engineer


The decarbonization of entire industries and rethinking of existing energy concepts to reduce emissions and ensure a cleaner future for future generations are changing the industrial landscape.

Electrolysis is a key technology for our transition toward carbon neutrality, as it enables the production of "green hydrogen" by means of electricity from renewable energy sources, thus replacing fossil fuels in mobility, various industrial applications and the energy sector.

Hydrogen unleashes an enormous potential for flexibility by decoupling energy production and consumption in time and place, making this technology incredibly valuable for future technological and environmental challenges. Accordingly, the improvement and further development of electrolyzers in terms of efficiency and longevity are highly important.

Market demands require tremendous development speed and fully automated, flexible and safe test setups indispensable to provide reliable measurement data for research in a time-efficient way.

As your trusted partner for measurement and test solutions, HORIBA offers leading solutions for hydrogen electrolysis that support you in the challenges ahead. With our hydrogen test station solutions of the Evaluator EC and ES product series, we support you on the way to a carbon neutral society.

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