How The GIANT Company is redefining grocery stores and missions in Philadelphia

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Benjamin Nothaft

The session is co-organized by Benjamin. He works with retailers and specialists across the globe on implementing modern hot food solutions. Here he will share some of the key success stories but also key factors to implement concepts.

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Gavin Rothwell

The session will be hosted by FFI founder Gavin Rothwell, an expert in food-to-go insights, who will share the latest trends he’s seeing in food-to-go evolution and some of the latest channel and format innovations from across Europe.

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Paul Madarieta

Paul Madarieta is Director of Urban Formats at The GIANT Company. With extensive experience of food retail format development from across US retail, his focus at GIANT has been on new urban formats, across both the locally tailored urban supermarket GIANT Heirloom and the larger food destination format, GIANT Riverwalk. 

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How The GIANT Company is redefining grocery stores and missions in Philadephia

If you’ve an interest in what the grocery formats of the future could and should look like, and how urban consumers will meet their food and drink needs, then our next session is not to be missed. We’ll be joined by Paul Madarieta, Director of Urban Retail at The GIANT Company, whose innovative format development strategy has enabled it to effectively target different missions and locations, building fantastic looking stores in the process.

Paul will talk us through the thinking behind the concept development, which has covered smaller urban supermarkets (GIANT Heirloom) and large food flagships (GIANT Riverwalk). The GIANT Heirloom format has been designed to match local needs for products and services, while the Riverwalk concept builds on this with further innovations, with the store including an extensive food hall, a tap wall and beer garden, and indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as an inspirational and extensive food retail offer. Join us to learn about how GIANT has created locally relevant and inspirational formats, targeting food retail, foodservice and broader leisure missions.

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