Highly efficient Chlorine Alkaline Electrolysis & Brine Purification - 29 March 2022

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Alexandra Graf


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Shamsul Qamar Khan


Webinar | Highly efficient Chlorine Alkaline Electrolysis & Brine Purification

The LiquiSonic® measurement systems efficiently enable inline monitoring of countless processes.

In the Chlorine Alkaline electrolysis, LiquiSonic® ensures that input materials are in perfect condition. The online measuring system also supports the monitoring of the electrolysis products.

In our webinar you will learn how LiquiSonic® helps you to extend your membrane's lifespan and avoid quality failures in brine purification. Additionally, we show how LiquiSonic® saves energy costs by ensuring a maximum NaCl input concentration.

The webinar is aimed at operators in the Chlorine Alkaline production process.

Free of Charge!

Key data:

Language: English
Date: 29 March 2022, 8am (Berlin Time)
Duration: 20min + 10 min (questions & answers)

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