Digital SAI Expert Day (in English)

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Speaker + Moderator

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Dr.-Ing. Stephan Mottyll

Global Product Manager Smart Air Injection

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Susanne Kollmeier

Global Training Management

Smart Air Injection - Long distance pumping

Smart Air Injection conveys viscous media with a variable dry solid content over long distances. In the environmental industry, it is used in the transport of dewatered sludge. In this process, the conveyed medium is first compressed into long plugs in the progressive cavity pump and then pneumatically transporter further along the line by extremely short compressed air pulses of just a few seconds. Overall, very little compressed air is required for conveying. This low energy use significantly reduces operating costs. Distances of up to 1,000 meters with changes of direction and differences in altitude are possible without any problems.

At the SAI Expert Day, we will give you a detailed understanding of the SAI conveying principle, a comprehensive overview of the application range, options and features. Using a case study from the Sehnde wastewater treatment plant in Germany, we will also show you the savings potential of our system.


- SAI system overview and features

- SAI controller and digitalization

- Presentation of European reference plants

- Life cycle cost case study 

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