Digital monitoring to prevent damage of positive displacement pumps with an app

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Mikael Tekneyan

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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Marius Schaub

SPA Moderator

April 14, 2021 Van Nguyen

Very good presentation and contain useful knowledges.

July 7, 2021 Alberto Liceaga

It was useful to understand this specific application

October 20, 2021 Rico Gonser

Kurz, präzise, verständlich


You will learn how to avoid different types of damage of positive displacement pumps in this webinar. By the example of a progressing cavity pump, Mikael Tekneyan will show you how to identify damage at an early stage or even prevent it completely through monitoring via NETZSCHs’ new MultiProtector app. This increases the service life of your pump and, at the same time, reduces the costs for maintenance and repair.

From the oil industry to the food industry, pumps are the core of the complete system in most processes. Depending on the industry and the conveyed medium, the pumps are often exposed to challenging conditions, which means that damage is inevitable. There is a risk of environmental damage due to the sudden release of harmful products, contamination of the conveyed medium or the risk of explosion due to escaping media. In the worst case, this can lead to a shutdown of the entire plant, resulting in high costs for the operator. This must be counteracted preventively.

In addition to regular and preventive maintenance, the monitoring of the system is a key factor. Through an all-encompassing monitoring of the pump and the various operating parameters, damage can be localized before it even occurs, and countermeasures can be initiated.

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