Braking Into the Future

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Gregory Filer

Product Manager – Brake Test Systems and Brake Dust Measurement


The automotive industry has experienced an accelerated trend since 2019. Cleaner vehicles emitting less emissions, combined with electrified powertrains to save energy are moving to become the main method through which vehicles will be manufactured. The brake industry has felt this trend and has been moving with the automotive industry to take on a huge shift in not only the way braking systems are perceived but also how they will be tested. To ensure that the brake system designers and manufacturers meet these new challenges, the brake dynamometer manufacturers have the responsibility to provide testing systems with which these new obligations can be met to ensure the safety of the passengers they will be responsible for.

In addition of addressing how these new trends in the automotive market are to be tested on a brake dynamometer, the opportunity will be taken to show the progression of brake dynamometers, how brake test systems have evolved over the last 10 years, what they look like today and what the future will bring.

This webinar shows how HORIBA provides solutions for testing electrified brake systems to simulate real brake applications. Furthermore, test systems for brake emissions such as brake dust measurement will be explained based on the current and the expected future status in Europe.

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