BEE Medic Online Workshop | A free Introduction to Neurofeedback - 25th January 2022

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BEE Medic


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Dawn Harris


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Discovered more than 30 years ago in the USA, more or less by chance, during epilepsy research with cats, neurofeedback has established itself as an effective supplementary component for the therapy of mental disorders and regulatory diseases of the brain.

Would you like to learn neurofeedback and be able to use it immediately? Then you have come to the right place! Through neurofeedback you can expand your range of services and differentiate your practice. Our knowledge of this fascinating technology is based on over 25 years of experience. Through clinical studies in our own clinic in the USA, we are always up to date.

Experience a free introduction to the treatment process, learn what neurofeedback is and why the Othmer method is so efficient. You will learn how this method is used and how easy it is to integrate neurofeedback into your practice.

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