ACO Highlights IFAT 2022 - smart solutions for stormwater management

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The speakers

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Heino Messerschmidt
Marketing manager ACO surface water management

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Alexander Airich
Head of business segment
ACO stormwater management and waters protection

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Moritz Gesterding
Head of Research & Development
ACO Beton GmbH

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Karel Dohnal

ACO Business
Development Manager
Surface Water Treatment

ACO Highlights IFAT 2022 - 
smart solutions for stormwater management

Live from the ACO booth ACO specialists present the fair highlights for stormwater management:

- filtration,
- adsorption,
- digitization.

We provide answers to the following questions:
- How can we clean surface water and intelligently reuse it?
- How can we protect groundwater from contamination using modern methods?
- How do we create interacting drainage systems with the help of sensor technology?
- What digital tools do we use to facilitate the planning and design of stormwater management facilities?

Get to know the latest products of the ACO system chain for stormwater management.

Target groups: planners, public authorities, operators, contractors.

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