ACO Highlights IFAT 2022 - drainage solutions in the public sector of cities and municipalities

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The speakers

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Heino Messerschmidt
Marketing manager
ACO surface water management

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Stefan Löbeth
Managing director
ACO Passavant Detego GmbH

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Wolfgang Huschenhöfer
Manager business segment
ACO manhole covers and gully tops

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Michael Müller
Manager business segment
ACO drainage solutions

ACO Highlights IFAT 2022 -

drainage solutions and covers in the public sector of cities and municipalities   

Live from the ACO booth ACO specialists present the fair highlights for municipal infrastructure and special covers.

We provide answers to the following questions:
- How can we maintain road safety even during heavy rain?
- How can we reuse rainwater to irrigate the urban greenery and trees in public spaces?
- How can we ensure safe access to manholes, inspection chambers or pump chambers while keeping the manhole cover easy to handle?

Learn online about the latest elements of the ACO system chain for drainage systems and manhole covers for use in cities and municipalities.

Target groups: planners, public authorities, operators, contractors.

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